5 - 6 December 2017

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Digital Transformation for Insurance Summit Event Brochure

Download the AGENDA for the upcoming Digital Transformation for Insurance summit, to learn more about the exciting industry gathering and the ONLY insurance digital transformation event in Asia. Download you copy now.

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Top 5 Areas of Focus for Insurers in Digital Transformation

In order for insurance companies to thrive in the fast-paced digital landscape of the globally interconnected economy, it is essential that they seek out and fully engage with new opportunities brought about via digital transformation. Download the article to know more about it.

Unlocking the Potential Applications of New Digital Technologies for Insurance

This article outline the revolutionary capabilities of the most exciting emerging technologies relevant to their potential impact on the insurance industry, as well as a selection of case studies highlighting how early adopters are already utilising them to great effect. Download today to know more about that.

Shaping the Future of Customer Experience for Insurance

To offer policy, quickly, conveniently and competitively, insurers cannot afford to rely on outdated mindsets, as they will quickly find themselves falling to the rapidly changing market dynamics that are currently shaping the insurance industry. The following article examine why a digitised approach to customer experience is fast becoming a necessity, while mapping out the major benefits and obstacles attached to joining the CX improvement trend.